White Chocolate Heart
Wedding Cake

Heart Wedding Cake with 3 tiers in white chocolate  

A Bespoke symbol of your love, depicted in white chocolate and hand made sugar calla lilies

Exotic Pink Lily
Wedding Cake

Exotic Pink Lilly Wedding cake  

Hand made Exotic Pink Lilies cascading on an sparkling pearlescent and crystal backdrop

Elegant Peach Rose
Wedding Cake

Peach Roase Wedding cake  

Simply Satin, White Wedding cake. Crowned with an extravagant bloom of peach roses


We can create a Master Piece for any celebration you can imagine...

If you have a celebration then we can create the master pice for it! Maybe its a Birthday, Anniversary, Christening or a Corporate event? But that's not all, we can also create Halloween, Bonfire, Christmas and Easter cakes for your Master Piece.

Contact us for for some designs and information as to what we can offer you.

As everything is hand-made using the latest sugarcraft techniques we can create just about anything you can imagine, or we can design and create something for you to you specifications!

View our latest Celebration cakes below

Simple Ship Birthday Cake

Bears and letters Christening cake
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Amazingly detailed baby shower cake

Baby Shower Cake
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Christmas Cakes

Our Christmas cakes
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Beautiful Pink Rose Birthday Cake

Pink Rose Birthday Cake
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You can also see our separate pages for your celebration cakes : Christmas Cakes

As with our wedding cakes, all the flowers, boats, people, bears, etc. are made by hand to a design of your choice. As such you will never see the same design twice as creating each master pice by hand means they are always different and can be tailored to you exact specifications! If you need any more help or information please contact me.

Enjoy looking around our site, and if you need further help or inspiration we'll be happy to talk through any ideas with you.

Many Thanks

Samantha Richards