Another "Master Piece of Cake" by PicassoCakes.

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The Design brief for this wedding cake was:-
"based on the brides favorite flowers exotic pink lilies. Her bouquet was a large cascading lily arrangement so we discussed ways to follow this through onto the cake. As the brides theme colour was shades of pink the ribbon used was a pale iridescent pink. i also asked about her dress for the big day which she described as elegant with subtle sparkle, white satin with crystal detail.
It sounded so beautiful and we enthasised this in the cake with crystal beading and transformed the whole cake with an iridescent shimmer. combined together this created our brides perfect cake to match her perfect dress. "

Pink Lilly wedding cake picture 1

Pink Lilly wedding cake picture 2 - Close up detail of the top lillys

Pink Lilly wedding cake picture 3 - Close up detail of the lillys for the side