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"Topsy Tervy" Wedding cake

If your fed-up with the classic styles then this is the cake for you. It can be made in any design and the colours and designs can be detailed to co-ordinate with your wedding theme. This cake had been created in our new White Chocolate and Cherry Sponge. Or you can have it in fruit or vanilla sponge. This cake was launched at PNE's Wedding Fair March 2010 and was an instant hit! We are also launching a Vintage version at our next fair... so don't miss out our new range of "Topsy Turvey" Wedding cakes are on their way!.

Price and detail
This cake would cost around £350. For 3 tiers depending on the amount of guests needing to be served and the detailing needed.


Topsy Tervy wedding cake 1
Topsy Tervy wedding cake 2

Topsy Tervy wedding cake close up 1

Topsy Tervy wedding cake close up 2
Topsy Tervy wedding cake close up 3